Meet Xavy: SLP

How did you hear about T2K, and why did you join our team?

During my first TSHA convention as an upcoming graduate in 2019, I came across Therapy 2000’s booth where I knew I found my place as a speech therapist. With endless opportunities provided by Therapy 2000, I was able to begin and complete my CFY with an amazing team who mentored me along the way. In my 4 years of employment, I have benefited from our internal and external CEUs which allowed me to broaden my full-time caseload from working with bilingual children who present with communication disorders and infants with feeding difficulties. The Guardian Way (NMES & sEMG) for Dysphagia Management; Food Chaining, Puree Stages, and Blocks of Building Texture; Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) assisting with reducing frustrative behaviors relating to communication breakdowns; Teletherapy Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to continue making progress and providing the most effective therapeutic sessions via telehealth are just a few of the CEU’s I’ve received.

Therapy 2000 is a company that prioritizes its staff and its patients by providing the utmost care and attention via telehealth and/or in person therapy specific to the child’s needs. I never expected my first job to be my forever home, but I can’t imagine ever leaving a company as amazing as Therapy 2000! #T2K4life


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