Meet Adam: SLP

How did you hear about T2K, and why did you join our team? (what makes us different?)

In Spring 2022, I found myself working at a company that I was blatantly unhappy with. There was negativity in the workplace, little support, and outrageous productivity standards that were leading to my burnout. This began a hunt for me to find the best setting to fulfill my passion in life: Providing the best possible speech-language services to children. I will be honest; I had no idea what setting I wanted to work in at the time; I just had high standards. After interviewing with many companies, I finally stumbled across Therapy 2000. Although I had my initial hesitations about moving to the world of home health, Joni Dillon and Macy Ciment did absolutely everything they could to dispel my anxieties and shine light on this setting. And I am so glad they did. Therapy 2000 is unique in so many ways. This company makes a clear effort to encourage the growth of their therapists both professionally and personally, including offering tons of CEUs, providing mentorship roles, and ensuring their therapists take personal time for themselves. I have also found that this company hires some of the best therapists. I have had the opportunity to connect with other T2K SLPs and OTs in order to learn more from them to better my own clinical practice.

Therapy 2000 fosters a culture of collaboration that I believe is hard to come by in a variety of industries, especially those where you don’t get to “see” your coworkers often. Since even before signing my contract, Therapy 2000 made it clear that they value me as an addition to the team. It is such a wonderful feeling working for a company that truly prioritizes their employees and the families that we serve. Now that I have been working at Therapy 2000 for a year, I am confident in saying that I no longer feel the negativity and burnout that I once felt while working at previous companies. Instead, I feel excited to work with the kiddos we serve every day, and I cheerfully look forward to seeing where my T2K journey leads me moving forwards.

I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of CEUs while working at Therapy 2000. Most recently, I attended the on-demand course ADHD and Executive Functioning Treatment via the GrowNOW Internal Language Model. After taking this course, I have a much better understanding of the neurological differences of individuals with ADHD and how to support children in developing internal language. This course is one of my favorite CEU courses that I have attended, as it offered me practical knowledge that I am able to apply to both my clinical practice and my personal life. This is a course that I would highly recommend to any service provider who works with individuals who have ADHD or executive functioning deficits.



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